Friday, September 4, 2009

President Offer Republicans Oral Sex In Exchange for Health Care Votes

I've never seen anything so absurd and disgusting in my life as President Obama's butt-licking attempts to win Republican votes for his healthcare plan. America elects a Democratic Congress and President in order to finally address the fact that 15% of Americans have no access to regular health care because they have no "insurance", while an additional untol millions have insurance that refuses to pay for the health care we need.

So, to whom does President Obama turn for guidance, counsel and "permission" to reform this system: He tries to cut secret deals with
  • the pharmaceutical industry (which charges five times as much for medicines in the US than people pay in Brazil) and
  • with the American Medical Association (which has never supported changes in the system even as they daily turn clients away because they don't have "insurance" or credit cards, and, worse of all,
  • with Republican elected officials who were elected to frustrate America's health care aspirations in any way possible.
Each of these historically intransigent parties has agreed to fight Obama less ruthlesslessly if he sticks to certain fundamental principals of capitalist exploitation of medical needs:
  • Obama must not use the Government to provide any additional medical care, as it does now through Emergency Medical Technicians, the Veterans Administration and the Public Health Corps;
  • If the Government wants poor people and the middle class to have expanded access to health care, the Government must pay exhorbitant "premiums" to health insurance companies. And they're not called PREMIUM for nothing. They're called "premium" because, as with gasoline, they are the highest available prices.
  • The Government must extend private health insurance to 50 million or more people without spending any more money than it spends right now.
  • The Government must not endeavor to increase the supply of doctors and nurses, even though 50 million new health consumers will inevitably require at least 15% more staff than we presently have, IF those who are insured now do NOT get better access to health care. If those who are underinsured now get better access to health care, then we may need forty percent more health care professionals, since we are about number 20 internationally in the number of doctors per capita.
  • Obama must get at least half a dozen Republican votes from a Republican Party that has voted along party lines for the last thirty years, regardless of the subject of the legislation.
With all of these bogus premises, none of which does anything to augment health care, and all of which simply present new barriers to access, Obama still has to beg and plead and offer oral sex to Republican congresspeople, who show no signs whatever of going along with him. All Obama is succeeding in doing is looking like a turn-coat to the constituencies that elected him and an indecisive bumbling clown to the entire country.

In truth, health care for all is a socialist principle that cannot ever be obtained through slavish obeisance to venal capitalist insurance companies and corporate "provider" profiteers.

After bending over backwards and giving up all of the principles with which he came to office, the likelihood is that the Democratic health plan won't get a single Republican vote, even after having been thoroughly shredded in order to achieve that fanciful and utterly unrealistic "bipartisanship" goal.

Obama has said he will make a speech to a joint session of Congress five days from now. If he lays out the same "principles" that I've described above, he will be laying the basis for massive losses of Democratic Congresspeople in 2010, and he will be conceding defeat on the very programatic cause that is most consistently prioritized by a majority of Americans.

Americans are beginning to wonder who President Obama had to copulate with in order to get the job he now holds. And the more he concedes and backpedals and signals his willingness to accept defeat on the type of health care he was elected to furnish, all supposedly to get six Republican votes in the Congress, the more it appears that President Obama would give oral sex to the Republicans who seem half-willing get on board.

In fact, the insistence on bi-partisanship looks more and more like an excuse to do what the AMA and insurance companies elected him to do: Maintain the status quo or give even more tax payer dollars to the insurance companies who are already robbing us blind.

President Obama, I never knew you.

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