Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poll Shows Public Wants Medicare for All

Glenn Ford of Black Agenda Report constantly criticizes the Obama Administration from the Left, but BAR's prescription for health care is right in line with my own, and they offer a New York Times poll saying most Americans are with us:

medicare for all?by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
President Obama attempts to depict proponents of Medicare for all as lefty health care “extremists.” But that’s precisely the kind of “robust” public plan favored by two-thirds of Americans, according to a recent poll. Obama is to the Right of the people, and the GOP is off the map.
Poll Shows Public Wants Medicare for All
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Most people favor a public option that is a lot more “robust” than anything the Congress is offering.”
Despite the infamous Max Baucus Senate committee’s long-anticipated rejection of even a fig leaf of a public health care “option,” public opinion remains remarkably firm in support of allowing everyone access to a comprehensive government health plan. A New York Times/CBS News survey last week provided the best polling evidence in recent months that most people favor a public option that is a lot more “robust” than anything the Congress is offering, aside from straight-up single payer.

Read more at Black Agenda Report.

I know it's a silly rhetorical question, but if the American public overwhelmingly wants Medicare for all, independent of the insurance companies, then why are our elected officials more concerned with what's good for insurers than with what's good for the public? Yeah, I know. Insurance companies make larger contributions to campaign coffers, they are extremely well-organized with hundreds of lobbyists in Washington distributing free trips and and threatening Congresspeople with hard-fought races if they don't do the insurance companies' bidding.

And that's why the US Senate Finance Committee is more concerned with preventing new competition for insurance companies, that in many markets have a monopoly, instead of doing what's right for the millions of Americans who need to be able to rely on medical care.

What is it about the American mentality that the Medicare-for-all type systems exist in every civilized country but not in the wild western USA, where we're still sucking snake venom out of people's limbs because medical care is no more available to many of us now than it was fifty or a hundred years ago.

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