Sunday, July 19, 2009

If You Really Need Medical Care, Move to France

When I was employed by a large corporation and had HMO medical care in the United States, for which I paid hundreds of dollars a month, I discoved that I couldn't choose my doctor. I asked my friends and associates who the best doctors were, and I discovered that none of those doctors was on the HMO's list of approved providers.

When I met with the insured providers, the care they offered promised to be like the difference between being represented by Johnny Cochran's team or being represented by one overworked public defender.

In that situation, I decided that I couldn't afford the good care providers and I wouldn't benefit from the bad ones, so I just put off getting the medical care I needed until I was a student in France, where national medical care system (that even covers foreign students) does allow patients to choose their doctors.

If you're facing a very serious medical condition that you're afraid will leave you with years of debt, I suggest that you enroll in college in France and buy into the French system for as little as $400.00 per year. That might seem like a convoluted solution, but it's not nearly as complex as trying to receive good and continuous and affordable medical care in the United States.

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Zab Clement said...

I think it is good to study first and ask others about an HMO company before making a deal with them. Surely a lot of people can learn from your experience.