Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Problem with Health Insurance Is the Concept of Health Insurance

There are some roles that the federal government plays because they simply cannot be delegated effectively and efficiently to others, and even to try would be dangerous. If the Government had waited for each individual to pay for the construction of roads to wherever we needed to go, nd then charge others for access to these roads, then the right to travel gauranteed by the United States constitution would have been frustrated before the nation became a nation. Indeed, it's doubtful the nation's states could have unified at all. The assent of each owner of a piece of road would have been required before any new state could effectively join and interact with the rest of the nation.

That's where we find ourselves with healthcare. We have a national need, but the owners of the individual pieces refuse to come together to meet that need. Instead of a constitutional government obligation to create a national system, we have a constitutional individual right to frustrate a national system.

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